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We all need inspiration

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I like the idea of Black History Month, but not the concept. It's creating separation when every race has a history. Instead, why don't we do a platform on loving each other?— Joy Foster

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within —Maya Angelou

Thoughts on Black History Month

We're all important. Is one race more different from the other? Every race has a history, every race has a meaning, and can tell stories of what they've gone through. Every race has some information that we can learn from.

I feel we need to revisit how we're doing Black History Month. I like the idea, but not the concept. It's creating separation when every race has a history. People and the government talk about Black History Month, but does it make a difference? There's a problem when people still can't get along with their own race. Why is it you can't get along with your fellow man? We've got to learn to walk with our heads up. We cannot separate ourselves because then we're going backwards instead of forwards. Don't show me a crutch, show me a solution.

Instead, why don't we do a platform on loving each other and ourselves? We can learn to listen to each other and have a conversation with everyone intelligently, with compassion and understanding. When I talk to people and they talk of pain and racism, it’s because they're in pain. What comes out of your mouth is how you feel about yourself.

Let’s create speakers—whether black or white or LGBTQ or anybody that's being treated wrong—for us to address the education system and teach our youth, who are the future, to talk intelligently and not with ignorance. I'm about doing what I need to do to create unity, not to separate people —J.F.


By Michèle Newton Informed by experience and mentors,

We claim our choices as our own

With conviction and passion and certainty.

We look our options in the eye

To see what they are made of

With caution and uncertainty and wonder.

Using all our senses and sensibilities

We try our choices on for size

With persistence and longing and hope.

Our choice becomes a door through which we pass

Walking into a new life and way of being ourselves

With anticipation and acceptance and excitement.

Who is Joy

After a client noticed Joy’s gifts for speaking and inspiring, she hired Joy to come and speak to her Woman's Group. That’s when Joy realized she had the power of speaking, so she made inspirational speaking her focus and has never looked back. Joy loves working with adults, doing corporate workshops, presentations and keynotes. Then she discovered young people devouring her words of inspiration and realized that young people need it as well. Using her love of young people and first-hand experiences to change the lives of youth through mentoring and listening, Joy has been inspired to impact youth through her community projects.

A powerful, inspirational speaker, singer and recording artist, Joy is also a Community TV producer. Her show “Future Prospects” on ROGERStv Alliston, and her speaker series “Road Map” challenges all to overcome adversities and hurdles. To take charge of their lives, encouraging self-pride, confidence and celebrating successes.

Joy has used her power to choose, her tenacity, determination and faith in herself to create her successful career and a beautiful family life. Recognizing that there are so many people in need of support, understanding and inspiration, she is dedicated to creating opportunities for all to shine, to recognize their gifts, and to see their own beauty in this world.

Understand who you are, what you’re created to be, find the best strengths you have within it and go after it. Zoom in on your talents, that’s when you find your place. – Joy Foster

How about Role Models?

As a young girl, out of necessity, Joy pulled on her personal strength and willpower and was her own role model. Through positive self-talk, and clarifying moments, she realized that “where you’ve come from doesn’t define you”. As a young woman, mentors and role models entered her life and their influences added to her foundation of strength:

Her best friend: A lifelong friend, Kim has been her rock, “She is amazing. She’s seen me go through every kind of roller coaster there is.”

Her husband: Meeting Shaun changed her life. “He accepted me for who I was. He has always been there for me; patient and loving.” Together they launched Kimberlite Enterprises.

Her mother-in-law: Mrs. Foster was a mentor and a “mother” who has guided her steps, providing advice, which Joy took to heart raising her son, Michael.

Joy’s positive outlook on life is centred around choosing the right attitude every day, and celebrating your successes.

“If I die today, I know that I've done what I wanted with my life and I love who I am.”

Photo by: Michèle Newton


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