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Black History Month Learning Feb 2021 Co
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Making Change School Work 8 Jan 2021 Bar
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Making Change School Work 8 Jan 2021 Bra
Barrie 360 BLM rally Interview June 5 20
Jennifer Podemski is shining a light to
Michele Newton of Our Mosaic Lives at Br
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Michele Newton of Our Mosaic Lives onlin
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Art Engagement Project Bradford Topic Si
Michele Newton Inclusion and Diversity C
CTV Feb 7 Art Engagement Project Michele
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Barrie 360 Making Change promo Feb 12 -2
Michele Newton presents at Chris Hadfiel
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Barrie Today - Making Change Jan 30 2020
Our Mosaic Lives Coverage Bradford Today
Michele Newton Diversity Column - Georgi
Community Conversations with Michele New
Michele Newton speaks about Our Mosaic L
Snapd coverage Irfan Toor Community Conv
Barrie360 March 23 Michele Newton Commun
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Community Conversations with Michele New
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Rogers TV Community Conversations One St
Our Mosaic Lives Michele Newton Intervie
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CBC Jan 12 Good reason to visit City Hal
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Image of a poster for Transnational Perspectives on Black Germany
Michele Newton featured in ByBlacks Marc
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Michele Newton in an image from CTV news at 6 March 1 speaking
Michele Newton on poster for city of BarrieWomen of Color Panel for black history month


Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you. I am honoured to have been given the privilege to do so.
The experience has answered some questions that needed answering for a long time. I feel like I have a brand new vision of myself.


All young people need role models, people they can relate to on various levels, colour, culture, interests and talents.  To create a site with meaningful and hopeful stories of current role models is a great community service for the black community, and frankly, for the entire community.


I am of eastern European descent and respect multiculturism - hence the variety of lifestyles and priorities generally followed in our community. We continue to learn from
each other especially with the leadership of individuals like you, peace.

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